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My Fizzly ~ A Rottweiler's Story

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Archive for November 5th, 2012

My Hope’s for this Blog

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When the thought of this Blog came into my mind, it began on a  completely different tangent, as many thing’s in life they start out one way and end up being totally different. I wanted to write a story about a Rottweiler named Fizz, who in her short life she had to cope with a lot and after a battle with Bone Cancer she succumbed, her passing as my friends and family know almost destroyed me. Fizz never gave up or lost her spirit and I think her story should and needs to be told !

                            As I stated above this Blog was not my first idea, I wanted to write Fizz’s Life Story as she was an amazing dog in both personality and spirit. Even though she suffered so much pain she never once changed her attitude, no matter how many things she went through or whatever anyone did to her. But it was more than that, when Fizz was first diagnosed with the Bone Cancer, I did what most people do in these cases which is ” Completely fall apart !!” , after that I did the next thing that most people do, when they find themselves at such a low point in their lives. Which is to go on the internet and try to make sense of it and try to understand why and how this has happened.

                  So that’s what I did I started looking for everything and anything about Dogs and Bone Cancer. I was totally overwhelmed and found myself looking, on pages and sites and found that by the minute I had even more questions than I had answers . I found loads of Medical Information and scientific terms. Even though I have a medical background it still left me totally confused, and no nearer to anything remotely comforting or anything closer to help me cope with this destroying news and total panic.

                   I needed to find somewhere, anywhere that would be able to give me some answers, I just wanted to be able to talk to someone who had the same feelings about their dog as I had for My Fizzly and who had gone through this and survived !!

                  I just wanted to be able to ask questions to a real person with real feelings, and just be able to talk things over, with someone who had gone through this and how they coped, did they recommend something or what had worked out for them ???

               I really just needed a friendly ear with someone who had been through this, even if it was just to have a good cry or somewhere where I could just vent and rant if need be !!!  I just needed some place to go to where I could get information and a pleasant ear from someone normal who had normal feelings.

               Someone who had been through it and someone who would know, exactly what I was going through and would be able to help me by just being there.Someone who would understand the total numbness and the total helplessness, that everyone feels when they are given the awful news that their Pet/ Family member, and in my case My Best Friend has a Disease that may very well take their life.

                So this is where I have come to the reason behind this Blog, its not just a place where you can hear a story about one incredible dog, but I want this Blog to be a place where anyone can come and just have a natter about their Pet if it’s unwell or talk about anything Pets !!

            I hope that this site will be somewhere where anyone can come and talk over problems, or share experiences. I want this Blog to be that place that I myself could not find when I really needed it, and be that hopefully comforting place and I maybe able to help you deal or give you tip’s that I myself learn’t via trial and error.

           I want this Blog to be the place that you can come to when your going through hard times with any pet you may have, and be around a family of  like minded pet owners who will care, share and just be there for their pets and each other !!

           So if your pet is going through anything be it Cancer or anything else, I want you to know that even if its just a shoulder to cry on or just someone to scream at I’m here and I will try to help in anyway I can.

             I want people to confer or question anything and I want you all to send your Pet Stories as everyone has one !! and I will either post them on here if they are Cancer Related or on my other Blog which is a Blog for any stories or questions that any pet owner is welcome to visit and discuss anything remotely Animal.

 The link to that Blog is


I also have a Facebook Page which you can send in Causes or Pictures etc and run’s along side my other Blog the link to the Facebook Page is

                    I also want tips anything that has helped you and your dog or pet when you got the news that your pet had Cancer and how you coped with anything that your Pet went through ??

                I will then add them to this Blog on my Tips Section and maybe we will be able to help someone who is going through the most awful illness that is Cancer. I will also be here to talk if your pet succumbs like My Fizzly and I’m hoping that through helping all of you,that I myself will be able to come to terms and deal with her Loss and I will think that Fizz will play a big part in helping others and that in turn will help me.

           I hope that I can be that place or person who maybe able to offer you support and help in this most difficult of times, and maybe some of you who have gone through the same thing may be able to help other people as well.

            If you don’t want to put your question or story on this blog and would like some help privately then Please Contact me on my Email  and I will send out a reply.

              Please let me know if you have an ideas for the Blog or Or Suggest anything that you feel may be a good conversation piece or just something that you feel would be interesting to discuss.

               Thank you for reading my 1st Blog and I hope it was some help,

                                  Take Care and hope to talk to you all soon

                                                             love zena xxx


                                         Fizz and Mitzi !!

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