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My Fizzly ~ A Rottweiler's Story

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Adjusting to a 3 Legged Dog !

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               The moment you go and collect your Dog after it’s amputation, is a very scary prospect, and one that hold’s onto your Heart Strings and refuses to leave them alone. The emotional issue’s aside, this is where the the total Panic begin’s to settle in.  The worry of how will you and your dog deal with the amputation, and the self doubt begin’s to rear it’s ugly head. 

                    All of these Platitudes aside anyone who tell’s you that they were not worried, on the drive to collect their 3 Legged Pet, is either completely bonker’s or totally deluded !! I myself was a complete emotional wreck and I was totally worried about stupid thing’s,  like how was she going to go to the toilet ??  How would she walk and not fall over, would she chew out the Stitches ………. this list was endless ! 

          No-one can explain what is the right way of feeling, or what you should do, or what should you worry the most about ?? No dog is the same, just like no person is the same, and there is no right or wrong thing,  or way to do, say or feel.  All you have which is more important ………….  than any vet or any other person that come’s into your life. 

What you have is something that no genius or expert, could beat or hope to teach you ???  

This is the fact that YOU know your DOG !!! Better than ANYONE !!


       This is a most powerful tool and one that has more importance when it come’s down to the welfare, and treatment of your beloved best friend. I can not stress enough the importance of the bond, that you have with your beloved Pet, and it’s this bond that will make you cope with whatever happen’s next. It’s this insider knowledge that will make you know, when your pet need’s you and what they need from you. 

       This is the power of Love and it’s this love that will make this trauma, into something that will be forever in your heart, and make you a stronger and wiser person by the end. You may not realise it yet, but you will soon. This nightmare that you are going through, will be your biggest learning experience, and the courage that your pet will show you, will forever change your thought’s on life.

               They will surprise, amaze and leave you totally dumb founded at the unbelievable acceptance of whatever life throw’s at them. Instead of hiding and wallowing in self pity, your pet will thrive and will show you how to live and more than that they will do it with laughter, joy and a zest for life that will leave you breathless. My Fizz went through so much in such a short space of time, and she passed way too soon, though if I’m honest if she had lived till she was 100, it would have still been too soon for me  🙂

          The day we brought my fatty home was a day filled with high’s and low’s and everything in between !! I didn’t know what to expect when we went to see her.  If I’m honest I was totally shocked that Fizz had walked so well, and we were allowed to take her  HOME  !!


This was Fizz a day after she came home !!

             I mean she had only had the surgery the day before and it was actually less than 24 hour’s post op and she was home !! 

        I’m sure that is some kind of record, but then Fizzle’s always liked doing thing’s in high speed and she loved showing off. I had hoped that I would be totally ready for her return, I thought I was ready, right up until the moment we pulled in front of our home.  Then total Panic set in ……… how could I get her out of her scrunched up space between my leg’s and the Dash Board of the Car ???  

 Then we had 3 steps down and then 1 step up ?!?!?          

        Now I try to believe that I’m quite a calm person, who can cope with most emergencies or situation’s. But all these fact’s meaning that I’m  SO  normally together …. and this mean’t I could hold my NERVES !!  So Why were my Nerves Failing ?  Why had they all suddenly fallen apart completely ?  Right then and there …… and just when I needed them so badly ???     

Cos how was I gonna get this 10 stone or maybe 8 and a half stone Rottweiler out of my Bloody Car !!! 

        This is when you need to just close your eye’s for a moment, take a few deep breath’s and just be STILL !! Because Screaming at this moment will un~nerve your TriPawd , and get your neighbours calling the police !!  Mind we had just had firemen cheering us on, so maybe we could get all the uniform’s in one day !!  Now ladies we all like a man in uniform don’t we !!!  😉and for the Gentlemen we have already had Emma our nurse, who wears a lovely green uniform just for you !! 

       So no screaming as it will upset your 3 legged Dog, and just settle down and calm yourself,  which is what I found myself being forced to do !!  Now the panic is totally normal, because when you brought your puppy they had 4 leg’s, and now they have 3 leg’s, so none of this is  NORMAL. There is no rule book’s or A guide for dealing, with the making of this life changing decision for your pet. This is something that is so mind blowing, that panic is understandable and justified.

    ***    I don’t know if when your pet loses a leg to an accident, then it’s sort of out of your hand’s and not something that you had actually elected to do to your pet. But when your pet has Cancer, the decision to remove the leg is your’s totally ……. I don’t know if this is somehow worse ??  I think this could be a good article, so if any of you have had a Pet injured in an accident and they then had a limb removed … or if like me and Fizz, her leg was removed because of Cancer, If you could message in your views on the subject and whether you feel there is a difference ??   ***

        But as usual I’m going off Topic  🙂 

       So getting back to the story, there I was sitting in a car being grinned at by this enormous 3 legged Rottweiler who had just noticed we were home and was giving me the LOOK !!!

                                         THIS LOOK !!!

          The look that tell’s me ” Mother I know your Panicked …… But I’m totally Fine and just open the Bloody Door !!! “

           It’s always embarrassing when your told off by your Pet’s or in my case My Children spend most of their lives telling me to Behave !! so I seem to get it from a variety of side’s. This time it was Fizzle’s who was telling me once again to Pull Myself Together !! So I asked Dai to hold onto Fizzly’s Lead and I opened my door, and got out. I got hold of the lead and by the time I had stood up to help guide Fizz, Carefully out of the Car ………. She had stood up and literally JUMPED out of the car UNAIDED !!!

          Told you she was a Show Off  🙂  so once again this dog left me feeling in Awe, and also slightly Sheepish as my complete Melt Down, which was totally uncalled for. I rushed to put the Cot bumper under her tummy as we still had the 3 step’s Down, and the 1 Step up before we would be safely inside. Dai came around to our side and he took the cot bumper and I took the lead as we turned toward’s our home.

        The three of us together, with neighbour’s watching on with baited breath …….. Fizz may have been the most ” Dangerously Large Dog in our lil haven of home’s ” but she was also the one that everyone would cuddle, and allow their babies of all ages play with, and generally be around  🙂   Fizz was also one of the Most  Loved  as well, so when she came home everyone was waiting or watching to see my brave girl come back safely home ……

        No~one came out of their home’s but all were watching from Door’s or Window’s and this made me slightly choked and made me eye’s begin welling once again. That this Rottweiler could be so loved by so many people. that they would make a point of watching out for our Gallant Return. As usual our Fizz did it in STYLE !! 

         She looked me in the eye and I asked  ” are you ready ?  ” The cheeky Grin told me all I needed to know, and with that I turned and said  ” Ok Slowly ” and with that we moved, hopping slowly and Bravely with a lot of Silent eye’s and Prayer’s from our Quiet Audience around us ! 

         We moved through our gate …… down the 3 steps like it was the most Ordinary thing in the world  🙂

  We paused by the front door and opened it wide ……….. then we jumped the last step into our new 3 legged world and the beginning of Fizz’s last and Final Battle and it’s one that she did, with the same attitude and Courage, that she had shown from the moment we brought her home as a puppy. She lived on her term’s and to say I was PROUD right at that moment is a complete and total understatement ………

      She had shown us what a truly incredible and magnificent dog that she was and in my heart……  She still is ……..

I Just Loves you !!

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Why I Sometime’s Away for a Bit ?

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

When I first started this Blog in my Fizzly’s name, I had no idea how this process would turn out, or indeed even work ?  What I have found the most amazing is that,  through this Story Telling, I would find people who would be prepared, to read and comment about My Fizzly Post’s.  This has made me have a new purpose and a wanting to reach out to more people, and gain more friends and learn lots more,  about some truly amazing dogs. 

                        I found the Site Tripawds and this is an incredible place,  as I have already spoken about it, in my previous post about  ” My  Blogging  Experience ….. So  Far !! ”  So I will not go into how this Site has made this Blogging Idea, really opened up and turned,  into something wonderful.  It is so much more than that,  those people who know me well,  will actually know something about me that I don’t like to dwell on, or normally even mention.

                    But I feel that for this Blog it will hopefully explain why, this Blogging Experience has had such, a profound effect on my life in General.  Those people who know me will already know,  how much this Blogging has affected me, and it has given me a new lease on life. The fact is that I have been ill  for many years, and I  have a variety of illnesses as I seem to collect them, like most people collect ornaments !! 

   But in short as I could continue on for pages 🙂  

         I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia these were brought on, because when I worked as a Microbiologist in a Hospital. The Machine that we used to test for Tuberculosis was faulty, and it led to me becoming infected with Tuberculosis of the Liver ( Impressive I know !! )    This TB of the Liver led to Adhesions inside my entire Stomach etc area’s,  so Basically My Entire body from Waist to Neck,  is like Sellotape sticking to Sellotape !!  


Lovely I know and also Bloody Painful !!   So A  Lot of  Pain Killers Later !!

        Now I manage to hide this fact quite well from People,  who I meet in my General Day to Day Life, but those who know me, will often come in and Just Look at me ………….. and then say nothing !!  So I normally guess that I must be looking Absolutely Stunning 🙂 or just Bloody Awful !!!  

         They are also totally surprised that I started this Blogging Lark,  as I’m normally in Bed by 4pm, ( Such a Party Animal !! )  and I also never answer my phone, and I’m normally always in my home !!  So the fact that I’m talking to people at all ! 

It’s amazing !! ……  and I must admit I’m having a Ball !!

Just Like My Fizzle’s !

Now I didn’t tell you this because of the ” Woe  is  Me !! ”  Because I hope you who have read a few, of my Slightly Manic Pages will hopefully realise,  that I am definitely not a Woe  is  Me  Girl !!  I’m just like my Fizzle’s,  I don’t let small things like hurting,  effect the truest aspect of life which is ………….

  LIVE  and  LOVE  LIFE  and  ENJOY !!

           What I wanted to explain is WHY I’m sometimes away  for a Few Day’s, and why this Blogging has effected me so much  🙂 


     Hopefully it also explains why my animals are so important to me, and when I say that Fizz was My Life      

…………… I truly Mean that …….. Fizz was My Life ………   


            The reason for me telling you this is simple it’s just to inform you, those of you who read my Blog’s, will  hopefully  understand  WHY  ?  I’m away for a few days or I don’t get straight back to you,  when any of you send messages or questions.

         It’s  NOT  because I’m Ignoring you or have given up on my Post’s,  it’s just that if I do too much.  Then I have to take a lil rest and recover,  as I can only continue without  repercussions for  ONLY  SO  LONG !!   I was worried that some of you may get fed up,  if  I don’t post quickly enough or I’m out of touch, So I felt it was only right to explain  WHY  ??

           If  I do too much then I also get to the point that My Family,  will actually refuse me any LAP TOP ACCESS !!!  As they can see when I have done too much,  and they don’t like to see me any worse than I normally am  🙂 

So to be fair they look out for me ……  When I don’t look out for Myself !! 

Fizzly and her ” Baby ” My Daughter Emma xoxox

My Fizzly took her role of watching out for her Family !!  As much as My Family have learn’t to Look out for ME !!!

          I would like you to realise that as I’m home virtually All the Time !!  My Animals are my Friend’s, So this is why I have such a strong connection with all of them. Because they are My Friends,  Companions, Confidants,  and one of My Main reason’s for getting up in the Morning.  My Animal’s,  Children and Hubbie Poor Dai  <3  🙂  ( He has to Put Up with Soooo Much !! ) 

          When I lost my Fizzly it has affected me more than anything else, she and I had this Connection, and ability to talk without noise. When she decided that she had,  had enough and wanted to Move Onward, with her Journey…..  She did it with a courage that I could only hope to gain,  and she did it with a Total Bond of Love, even in her Pain she acted like she was fine with My Children and Only Lay down next to me, when the children had left her sight ……..

          When Ben and Emma came back into the room,  she would sit up and act like nothing was wrong …. She Loved them so much that,  she neglected her own pain and worried about them …….  All the Picture’s  I have of Fizz apart from the one when she First Came home,  After her Operation …….. the Only  Other photo’s,  that I have of my Brave Girl after her Amputation and Cancer,  were all taken after she’d made the decision,  as she was just so tired  ….. 

         So all these photo’s were taken,  an hour or so before she took her Bravest Step, so these Picture’s have a mixed emotions when I look at them.  But I see the love she had for my children, and that she was ready and  willing to move onwards.  But one of  My  Biggest  Regret’s and  Something  that  I Wish,  I’d been Told and something I would tell,  Everyone who reads this Post,  Is  Please Take lots of Pictures, Film’s and whatever else you can. 

         Because they are your memories and its something,  that I will wish to my own last breath.  I wish that I’d taken some of my Brave Girls battle,  because she was Incredible,  and she brought me so much Joy  🙂  She was the Great  Love  of  My  Life  and more than that…..

  She was My Truest Best Friend and I Loved her Completely.

              My Animals, Hubbie and Children,  they are the only reason why I continue to fight,  and wake up,  Get  Up  and  Live and  Love  each  Day !! 

       They are My Reason for ……………  BEING !!! 

My Fizzly and her Bestest Mate, My Son Ben xoxox

Amputation ~ Laughing Helps !

The fact that your dog has got Bone Cancer, and you have chosen the path of Amputation, tell’s me everything that I need to know about you as a person. You are someone who is prepared to deal with anything, as long as it’s a better choice for your pet. Your not used to taking the easiest option, otherwise you would not be here looking into way’s to help you deal with your pet’s amputation.

            If you have made this decision, it show’s me that you are capable of dealing with anything, otherwise you would never have picked the removal of your Beloved Pet’s Limb. You know that you will do what needs to be done, to make the transition as easy for your Pet as possible.  I hope that reading my Blog is, in some small way helping some of you, who are going through these hard times, such as when you eventually bring your Pet back home after it’s amputation.

            When your Pet gets diagnosed with Bone Cancer it’s such a rushed affair with X~ray’s, Blood Test’s, Biopsies and then the Amputation and after that your Pet is brought home. That’s when everything just slow’s down, and the shock of all of this suddenly hit’s you.  I know that your head is spinning  and your worried with the thought that you are coming home with a totally different dog.  Your Dog’s physical need’s will have changed , they will be wobbly and in pain and unsure,  

            BUT  your Dog’s spirit is and will always be Totally the  SAME !!


My Fizz she never lost her Smile…. Ever

             I don’t know about you but in time’s of great stress,  LAUGHTER  is one of the best thing’s to release pressure, and bring some light into your life when time’s are hard. No~one would choose to have a three legged pet, unless they are a owner of  a three legged chicken.  But then that chicken would be worth a hell of a lot more, than a NORMAL  two legged chicken could be sold for !  I’m sure KFC would be calling for the right’s to those bonus Three Legged Chicken’s instantly !!  

Though strangely enough you Don’t seem to be offered more money for a 3 legged dog ?!?  

          See it’s Ok to Joke around about your Hop~a~long Canine  !! They will not be offended or hurt by comical comments, and they will actually be a lot happier to see you laughing and smiling around them ! Dog’s don’t want their owner sitting in a depressed heap and crying all the time.  They definitely don’t want their owner to start feeling sorry for them, they want you to  ENJOY  your time with them. 

            As from my last post you will know where Fizz and I were, we were standing in a Car Park, getting my Fat Lump to move, while being cheered on by Firemen  (  Every Girls Dream !!  )   Our Vet Sian and Nurse Emma had no idea,  how well Fizz would be able to cope with her Amputation. The fact that Fizz had showed them, how special Fizz was especially the way that she had got up and then walked, virtually unaided was for me a major victory.

I already knew she would be Ok, I don’t know how I knew ~ but I just did.

        Fizz was an amazing character, with such a strength of Spirit that I knew, she could cope with anything. Our vet’s had known this Rottweiler from a puppy until this ground breaking moment of her life, as she was there,  sitting there at the age of 6, this was when my vet’s knew what an truly incredible dog Fizzly was. Sian and Emma looked at each other, and they just stand there taking all of this in, how this dog was walking and more than that, she was virtually walking without any need for them.

      Sian turns to me and just say the word’s that I was wishing for ………        

   “ Take her Home as she is obviously happier when she is with you ! “



         Those of you who are out there that don’t believe that Dog’s can understand, what people are talking about needed to have been with My Fizzle’s at the exact moment !! 

         Because this dog stood up and tried to leg it     ……  All be it 3 legged and Hopping ?!? She almost took off running causing all of us to panic holding her lead and keeping her Cot Bumper attached to her tummy !!!

Fizz bolted and began looking for…………… 

Where had these Stupid Owner’s had Left their Car !!

               Our totally organised group of  2 Owner’s , One Vet and One Nurse fell apart completely ……. see we all  knew exactly what we were doing  🙂  

              The only one who seemed to know where we were going, was the Three Legged Patient and she wasn’t talking English,  but  She Wanted To Go Home NOW !!      

We manage to get control of the situation

( So Professional ~ We were NOT ! )

 But we were all laughing and that’s what this Post is all about ! 

         Sian said that obviously Fizz wanted to go home, but she would need an Injection of Pain Killer’s and some Tablets to go home with, also they wanted to try to remove the sticky plaster covering her incision. As we had all noticed how it was catching as she walked and it was annoying her so they would take it off as she would hopefully leave the scar alone ??? Good Luck was all I was thinking as Fizz has always been a chewer of stitches.

                  The only problem we did not anticipate was when we tried to get the ¾  Rottweiler back into the Vet’s Surgery when she had heard the word   HOME  !!   For a dog who had, had a Major Operation to remove her Back leg less that 18 hour’s before …….. She could still put up a fight, when we turned toward’s the Surgery Door !! We virtually had to carry the Fat Lump in through the door, as she wasn’t planning on staying a moment longer than  POSSIBLE  !!! 

          When we went to the Surgery any day, after that day she would Bolt out the door as if to say !!

 I stayed longer last time and they cut off my leg ……….

 I don’t have anything else left to give you  ????

         After we had managed to get the Stubborn Rottweiler back through the door,and back into the surgery !! She eventually decided that we were not going to give into her demands, of running off and going home. Sian and Emma as usual were laughing at Fizzle’s and Mine, understanding of each other and the way that this huge Rottweiler would behave instantly with just a look from me  !! 

        I inform Fizz that we’d be 5 minutes and then we would go home, and she’d better just lie down, and be good as it would go much faster if she just behaved herself !!  Fizz as always did as I said and while Sian get’s the Injection and Tablets, Emma tries to take the sticky off her shaved skin ………. well she was having none of that !!!  Fizz started Grumbling at Emma, just as Sian walks into the room. 

       Please remember that this ¾  Rottweiler has just had her leg removed, and has just walked the entire circuit around the Surgery. So to be fair I can’t really blame her as Plaster Removal is not the Nicest’s of thing’s to occur !! When you decide to bring a Dog with the Hardest Bite in any Legal Dog, then that come’s with a total amount of responsibility, and when you have children that should be the highest condition.

      So there I am with the sharp end of a 10 Stone Rottweiler, actually we were face to face, and Emma who was only trying to make her more comfortable, by taking her plaster off ?  Well when she Grumbled at Emma I just automatically give Fizz a Clip round the ear and tell her to pack it in and  BEHAVE  !!! Sian and Emma just stand back and watch as this stupid woman is lying face to face, with this growling Rottie and all she does is tell it to Shut Up and Behave !!

     I didn’t see what the fuss was as I knew Fizz was just fed up, and she was just telling Emma to leave the plaster Sticking or Not ! But I suppose to a unused eye it must have looked slightly scary, Dai just started laughing, and we all looked at each other then back at Fizzle’s looking very sheepish. It was another one of those moment’s that made us all laugh, and still makes me smile even while telling all of you the story today.

    Emma say’s that I would be better to remove it later, and then we were ready to go home, and I think Fizz was readier than all of us !! As soon as I stand up and look like I’m leaving Fizz is trying once again to rise up as she will not be left behind again. Sian and Emma are standing either side with the Cot Bumper under Fizz’s tummy, Dai is walking ahead of us opening door’s and as I stand, almost by the door to go outside. 

          Fizz see’s the car ……….. She run’s completely taking everyone by surprise, she almost passes me, then Sian and Emma are trying to keep up with her. While they are both trying to fit through the doorway along side of this supposedly Crippled Rottweiler !! Both of them falling behind,  Dai in the meanwhile, totally oblivious to the Clown Show behind him !! 

               He open’s up the front door seat for me to sit down while Fizz was supposed to go on the back seat to be more comfortable ……………  well for those who have read Fizz’s Story Part 9 will know exactly what is about to happen next ??  For those who haven’t read it Shame on You  🙂  

        Well Fizz had a place where she always sat and it was by my feet in the space between the Dashboard of our car and me in the front passenger seat ! Fizz see’s  HER  door open and then speed’s up with Emma and Sian totally failing to keep up with her ……….. She then jumps straight away and flies into the front space which was always  HER  SPACE  !!

         She squeaked once as she landed and she sat there with her Stupid Cheeky Grin all over her face and her  BIG  BUG  EYE’S  this was My Fizzles and yep,  She was GOING  HOME  !!  and everyone around her at that moment, was laughing and I’m sure Fizz was laughing harder than all of us and just happy to go  HOME  !!


 My Fizzle’s                         

Standing Strong then Walk !!

 The thought that you have a 4 legged dog one day, and then a 3 Legged  the next , would mess with anyone’s head ? But with Bone Cancer you also have to cope, with the fact that this is not the end of your Pet Problem’s. I think that it’s best to put that part to the back of your mind, as the 3 leg’s is your main distraction at this time, and let’s tackle one Hurdle and keep the rest for another day !

            As I spoke to all of you in my previous post about the emotional dealings, of  when your dog has had their leg removed. But now I’d like to talk to you about the first time you get your Dog to walk, when you are there with your Dog, and it’s first day of a new way of life.  My Page on Tip’s goes into the physical need’s and give’s you some practical advice, so that your pet’s home coming will hopefully, be as stress free and easy as possible. 

           So if you haven’t read that I would suggest you have a look, as it will hopefully give you some idea’s to make the transition easier for You and your Pet. Simple thing’s like carpeting any slippery floor’s, or tip’s to prevent your Pet from chewing out the stitches. Have a look at the pages as they may have some idea’s that you have not thought of, or maybe you have some tip’s of your own that I could add to the list to help other people as well ?

         But this Post is about how it feels to have left with 4 legged Dog, and then to return home with a 3 legged  one ?  

Confusing , Hurtful , Powerless, Empty , Devastating, Heart Breaking , Angry , Scared …………. All of these and any other emotion’s that can be either felt or acknowledged are perfectly normal.  All these feelings and more are understandable and will be felt at some time during this nightmare time.

 BUT you can’t show any of these NEGATIVE emotions around your Pet ………….. Easy to say and very  HARD to Do !!

          Faking it is the way to go, and it’s the only way to be around your dog !

        I want you to realise that your dog does  

               NOT  FEEL ANY  OF  THESE  EMOTION’S  !!!

Does this Dog look like she has Emotional Issue’s ??

                This dog, my Fizzles and she never once felt sorry for herself or hid herself from the world, as she was So Upset as her leg had been removed ?  She smiled her way through some of the most painful and bravest of time’s, her Spirit made it easy to cope with, and she never once lost her Smile. There were time’s when I didn’t think I would be able to manage, or whether I would be able to deal with the thought of losing this incredible dog.

          She showed me time and time again, how truly amazing she really was, and the day I went to see her the day after her amputation, was one I will never forget. I had asked her to Stand up, and she stood, now all she needed to do was walk !!! The courage that animals show us daily, with not a single thought for themselves, should be an inspiration to us all.

           We had no idea as to whether Fizz would be able to support her enormous weight on 3 leg’s, it was something that had scared my vet and I, and to be honest neither one of us had actually mentioned the WHAT  IF  ?? I was going by day to day and this day was a  Suck it up and Just Do it DAY !! I would be untruthful if I told you I was sure that everything would go well, or that Fizz would be able to cope. But I know at that moment Fizz needed me to be there for her and, for me to stay there by her side

         When I started walking in front of Fizz and told her to walk …………….. it was a moment of complete magic,  and worthy of some serious background music !! This is the moment that your Pet’s life has led up to, the training, learning , bonding and loving, all those years that you and your Pet have Lived and Loved.


            It’s now ……….No~one know’s your pet the way that you do ?? 

 The only person that your dog would go that extra step for is YOU !!

Fizz 2nd Day after her Amputation !!

               My Fizzles was an amazing dog, but so too are the thousand’s of other Animals that have a Amputation from Accident’s or Illness. The only part of Cancer is that the removal of the Limb is just a Stop Gap and in the end will only lengthen the animals life for a while. But if I’m honest I didn’t comprehend the full picture and I had these Rose Tinted Spectacles On and the Dream that it would all be Ok in the end ……….. cos the Good People always win at the end of the Films.  

         I think people should see Bone Cancer as a lot of small Battles some days you win and other’s you end up scratched up a bit ?!? So take each day as a new day and make each Battle into a small victory. 

The first WIN will be the moment your Dog

                                    Stand’s  Up  and  Stand’s  Strong  !!! 

My Fizzle’s was Standing one mark for the Good Guy or in my case Good Girl !!

         This is where you have to grit your teeth, and make sure that you have someone else holding a support under your Pet’s tummy, just in case they fall. Once you know that they are not going to let your pet fall, you will feel much more assured, that your Pet will be safe when they try to walk !!

Its all psychological and the Psychologic’s is not for your  DOG … It’s  for  YOU !  

          When you know your dog will be safe, you will then be able to start walking yourself,

                and your Dog will follow you ……. So it’s up to you. 

         When I knew that Fizz was not going to fall, I just started walking and she followed, Sian and Emma stood either side of Fizz. As I started walking ahead of  My Fizzly and she walked, Sian and Emma were holding the Cot Bumper with Fizz walking in between them. The Fact that Fizz was so strong, helped to hold her up and she held her entire weight without any need for Sian and Emma. They were there just in case she fell or became unbalanced, she was holding her weight without them. 

         But Fizz was walking by herself less that 18 hour’s after her leg was removed, and she was even able to go down 2 step’s, to go outside of the Clinic to try to walk about. We got outside and she just followed behind me, she had to sit down for a few moment’s to catch her breath. But she was walking, and she was walking better, than anyone could have possibly dreamed.

          Sian and Emma kept repeating how they couldn’t believe it,  they kept saying she’s holding herself up and we are carrying No Weight !!! 

                 They also couldn’t understand how relaxed I was, and not fazed by Fizz’s amputation and how calm I was being ???    I was calm because I knew my Fizz needed me to be Calm, and with me being calm she remained calm and it was just another walk in the park ! 

She looked up at me from her sitting down breather, and I just looked at her and said  

  ” Ok Fatty get up and keep walking !! “

       There were a group of Firemen doing a Training Session and they looked over at Fizz, and I could see their faces dawning on the fact of what, was happening with this huge Rottweiler. They were just standing still not talking or moving, Just Watching this Dog sitting down in the middle of the car park ? 

I could almost hear the well wishes that must have been flowing through their brain’s.

       They just stood there and watched, I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone, as I knew I would break if I did !!  I knew that if I had looked at anyone right at that moment, I would have weakened and I was not allowed to be weak in any way.  I turned around and looked at Fizz, eye to eye and then I said it ……. 

        I said  ” Come On, we have to keep walking ! ” 

                   Fizz looked at me and if she could have sworn at me I think she would have ?? 

But she was a Lady and Ladies are always polite !! 

                  So instead this 10 Stone though Probably 8 and a half stone Rottweiler as she had her leg removed remember ,  just looked at me and huffed.  Then she gritted her teeth, moved her remaining back leg into a better position and  squeaked once as the Elastic Tape covering her Incision was catching on her shaved skin !!

       Sian and Emma at the ready just in case she fell, me in front of her avoiding all eye contact !!

  This Bravest  of  Creature’s,    My Fat Lump who defied all the odd’s.  

        She pulled herself up and stood there not moving just still, gathered her thoughts and regaining her balance. 

 We look at each other ….. I turn around and once again we started walking  …………  

      The Firemen started Clapping and Cheering her ……….


               ( Her own little Cheer Leading Squad !! 

                           and that’s when the tears began to fall down my cheeks.


   I gulped back my tears and said  “ Ok Lets go Home  !! “

The Bravest of the Brave ~ My Fizzle’s 

Emotionally Coping with an Amputation ?


When you have made the big decision to remove your dogs limb, you are so wrapped up with all the various thought streams, that are flowing through your brain ? That once the decision has been made and your vets have taken over, and your dog is due to have their limb removed.  You are left feeling totally drained and completely numb, and in this sort of  LIMBO . The fact that you have had to make the decision goes against everything, that we thought what is a good Pet Owner should do or be  ??

     But let me tell you that making the decision of amputation IS being a good Pet Owner, there is nothing that upsets me more than when I read people comments that that removal of a leg is Cruel or Their dog does not look like it is in pain ?? Fizz would never have shown us that she was in Pain, and she would have continued to suffer in silence. Without showing an outward sign of the total agony, that she must have felt with that Cancer growing larger by the day.

                       The removal of the affected limb, will once the healing from the amputation is completed ….. will remove this constant pain that your dog was suffering daily. Please believe me when I say that the non ~ removal of that limb is nothing more than that of  Cruelty, and then you would be a  Bad Pet Owner ?  So this means that the hardest choice that you have had to make since deciding on buying a puppy, This is the   RIGHT  CHOICE.

                           The fact that you know deep inside you that your pet is hurting, then the decision of amputation is a easy one to make. Because you love your pet and you don’t want them to suffer, this is the right choice  I know its hard to comprehend or get your head around. But you have made completely the right  CHOICE  for your Pet,and when you see your pet after a few days after the amputation you will  KNOW  that it was the right choice and your heart will start to beat easier.



           When I first found out that Fizz had Bone Cancer, I knew that she would have to have her leg removed quickly, so I was lucky because I had already had, that thought inside my mind. It must be harder on those of you who haven’t heard about Bone Cancer, or what it means to your beloved pet. This was one of my main reasons for Starting this  BLOG  !  So that I could try to help people who are given this awful new’s and don’t understand what it means for you, or more importantly means for  YOUR  PET .

           The emotional drain on a caring pet owner once they discover that their Pet is not going to Survive is a totally devastating one . I know I lived it, when I was told that firstly Fizz would die in 4 weeks time, had I done nothing …….. almost destroyed me. I couldn’t imagine nor wished to contemplate my life without my big girl in my life ………… because she was my life ??  It seems strange to think like this especially as I had  2 other Dogs, a husband and 2 children. 

           But Fizz and I were connected totally and completely, if you have not had this connection with an animal. It is hard for me to explain to you , but I think if you are out there looking for help and information for your Dog / Pet. Then maybe you already know exactly what I’m talking about and where I’m coming from, so you are just like me  HEART  BROKEN !!   I can’t tell you that its going to get better after reading this page,because I would be lying if I said that.  

           I want you to know that I understand that feeling of helplessness and the total WHY  MY  DOG ?  I can Honestly say that I don’t know why.


           But I do know that you will realise a couple of days after the amputation, that you have made the  RIGHT  CHOICE  for your pet. The thought that even though your pet is having to go through this Major Operation and is still not going to be totally cured, or miraculously healed is something that is hard to realise or live through. 

          This is the cruellest part of this awful disease and something that I myself found very hard to get my head around. Was that even though Fizz was going through the surgery of her leg removal it wouldn’t stop her Cancer, nor stop the fact that I was going to lose her. But I knew that the removal of Fizz’s leg would for a SHORT time it would …………

 A )  Remove the PAIN that Fizz was dealing with.

 B )  Give me MORE TIME with my Best Friend.

       These are the main reason’s that I allowed the Amputation, and something that helped me to make the decision and gave me some Solace. I hope that reading this may in some way help you come to term’s, with the the horrific realisation that an amputation will actually be better for your beloved Pet. I hope I give you peace of mind, that removing the limb will benefit your pet and allow you to spend more time with a member of your family, whom you’re not willing to lose just yet ?



                As I have told you before Fizz and I had this amazing bond or connection and whenever I was upset by something or feeling down. Fizz would be the one who I would turn to, I would go into the garden and just sit down, she would sit next to me and would just be there ……….. we did not have to say a word she would always put her right paw, on top of my left foot and she would stay there, not moving. She was my strength, Best Friend, and its something that I find very difficult to put down onto paper or tell you all in my Blog.

       It’s because of her and her strength and undying spirit that has made it possible to be here telling you her story. I want her Life to mean something , her life means something to everyone whoever met her but ……… its more than that. I want her story to be leading light and a lil bit of hope, for other people and pets that are suffering from this debilitating disease. Fizz was an incredible dog who suffered through many things, and she never lost herself, she was always just my Fizz. 

       Her attitude could have been changed so many times, through her life with everything that she went through, but it didn’t. Its this enduring spirit that I feel needs to be shared and I hope it will give other’s the ability to see past this CANCER and be able to realise that no ~ matter what your dog looks like.  Their true character will never change, and even with an amputation your pet will always be yours. The strength that your dog will show you, the remarkable acceptance of whatever may come into their lives. They never feel sorry for themselves and will never have a chip on their shoulder or Woe is ME ?? 

      Your pet will have been there for you as well, I’m sure they have and they have sat next to you when you have been at a low point in your life. Animals have this ability to feel, to feel how you are feeling instantly, they don’t need to be told why you feel sad or ask what is the matter ?? They just know, they don’t care if you haven’t brushed your hair or your not in your Sunday Best, they don’t judge you ever. 

              Animals are Totally Un~Selfish they don’t Do Something to Get Something ! They just want you to feel better and if sitting by you for an hour means you will get better, they do it willingly and without a hidden agenda. They will do it just because they LOVE YOU ! Its as simple as that, Now this is your chance to give back. This is the moment that your dog’s life so far has led up to, all those times when they gave out love to you. This is the time for you to be there for your dog, totally and just for the reason that you LOVE your pet and you know they need  YOU NOW !

SEEING  YOUR  DOG  FOR  THE  FIRST  TIME  AFTER  THEIR   AMPUTATION  ???                                                 


           The day after Fizz had her 6 hour operation to remove her leg, I received a phone call from my vet Sian . I was told that they had tried to get her standing up and she had not reacted well to them, so could I come in as they would not be trying again until I was there ???    Their actual comment was  

 “We tried to move her and she growled at us so we’re not trying again until you get here !!!!! “

                              My Fizzly was a huge Rottweiler , with Rottweiler attitude and if she felt that she could get away with a lil grumble to be left alone ………… she would grumble ! She would never have tried it with me as she knew I’d have given her a sharp poke, or a clip round the ear ! I will go into how Sian our Vet learn’t how to deal with Rottweilers by being around me and Fizz later. I will make a page for controlling a dog just by being a certain  ENERGY  on this site and my other Blog   I will also talk about Sian and Fizz teachings on other Parts in  Fizz’s  Story  Parts  that are found on the side of this Page, but as usual I’m going off topic !!

        Getting back to this page …….. We left instantly as I wanted to be with Fizz asap as I needed to be with her, to see how she was doing as I hadn’t seen her since before her operation. Even though I knew she was having the amputation, I’d taken her there the morning before. I had even signed the form allowing them to take off her leg, all of this I knew, but I still was in the  Dream ~ Like state  of what the ” Hell ”  was going on !!!


          I didn’t know what I would see when I got there, and the sick feeling of  O.M.G  was just running through my entire being. I don’t know what I thought would greet me when I saw her for the first time ?? I didn’t know if I’d start crying or not be able to look at her minus leg ? One thing I did know was that I wouldn’t be able show Fizz, how bad I was feeling deep inside my gut. I knew that I could not treat her any differently or otherwise it would effect her state of mind, and if I collapsed then how could she maintain herself and remain strong …….. ?

           We got to the Vets and Sian and Emma the Nurse were waiting for our arrival ?? We went inside the Surgery, complete with our Cot Bumper Blanket and that’s when I knew !  I suddenly knew how I should be, its was amazing and in a strange way spiritual,  Now I’m not a religious nut !!       I believe that there is a higher power, and I believe at time of great stress our paths are lightened by a Guide be it Spiritual or not ……  But I know that at that time my panic and sickness evaporated, and I suddenly saw what I should be doing and how I could best help My Fizzly.

            I walked into the Back Hospital and there in a bottom cage was my Fizzles, the EMPTY SPACE where her leg should have been was the most graphic scene I had ever witnessed. It left me totally bereft of how this young dog ( 6 years old )  had gone through all of this, and must have been in a whole lot of pain. I just stood by the doorway, taking in the sight of my dog without her back leg,

          I had to swallow my emotions and I knew I needed to walk into that room, as if it was the most normal sight in the world. I had to pretend that it was just another day in the Fizzle’s and Me Life Stories !!! and the leg removal was just as normal, as Fizz going to the vets for her yearly inoculation’s. So that’s what I did I walked into the room and this dog My Fizzles, who I  LOVED  TOTALLY !! My Fat Lump saw me walk into the room and her eye’s lit up and her lil tail started wiggling.

         I just walk up to the cage and just bend down to give her kisses !! and this Rottweiler started crawling on her front legs and managed to pull herself closer to me ! I bend down to her and she pushes her head under my hand in the proper Rottweiler way, and we stay like that for a few moments, 

Saying nothing and Feeling everything ~ just as normal. 

        I then say ” Ok Fattie its time to get up ”  Just as if she was perfectly normal and not missing a leg ! and that’s how I did it ……….. I just acted, and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I faked it totally, I wanted to curl up next to her and just burst into tear’s, But I knew that I couldn’t do that I had to be strong …… I had to pretend that nothing had changed I had to FAKE IT !!

       I loved that dog to pieces, and the fact that she had always been strong for me, and had always looked after me and my family.  It was my time to repay her, for all that she had done for me and I was honoured to do so. I then moved her head off my leg, put her lead on her and I got up,

 then I just said ” Ok Fizzly GET  UP !!! ” 

That Dog gritted her teeth squeaked a lil bit as she turned herself a bit so that her remaining Back leg was under her ………. and she just  ” GOT  UP ” Sian and Emma rushed around to put the Cot Bumper under her Tummy just in case she fell ……….. and then I said Ok Let’s Go ??

With that She Started Walking …………..

                  My Fizzly 2 Days after her Operation !


Tip’s to Help with an Amputation.

             When the night before Fizz was having her back leg removed, I sat on her bed next to her and I started crying, she came over to me as started licking my tear’s……… she then looked right in my eye’s. She looked at me and in her eye’s I knew that she needed me to be strong, so that’s when my Smog lifted and I knew that she would be fighting this and I had to too ! 

         The day she went into surgery was a day I went into action, I knew she would need special care when she came home and we had to provide things around the place to make her transition easier.

 Here are some of the things that we used to help Fizz before and after her Amputation.











            I know its easy to say and very hard to do, but you have made the hard decision. It is now time to take a breather, its out of your hands now, and your vet is taking over. You have thought things over and in your heart you know that the amputation is for the best. Take time with your pet and just enjoy being with them, they don’t need you panicking and it’s going to achieve absolutely nothing. Except from making you feel worse and cause your dog to worry. So the night before TRY to act normally with your pet and just take time to just calm down and love your pet totally.

2. SLEEP :- 

                  Well try to !! Try to get some sleep and even if it mean’s Curling up with your Dog !! But Please try to rest because this is the Calm before the Storm ! When your pet return’s home then you will have to be there with them all the time. At least for the first few days or when they are able to walk around unaided, So before the Operation and During the time your pet is in your Vet’s Surgery then rest up. Spend time with your family, order in a Takeaway and just be quiet and try to SLEEP. Because when your pet returns you are going to be needed so make time for You ………..  before You Take Time For Your Pet.


                                    Not only will this give you a chance to take stock of what is going on, it also give’s you somewhere to rant and rave …….. write down emotion’s that are too hard to talk about. It also is something that you can do while your waiting as there is a LOT of waiting when you have an animal with Cancer. It’s more than that it’s Memories and funny bit’s , Sad Bit’s and Bravery Bit’s and there will be a whole lot of those I Promise You !! This is also the place to write down what the vet has said or done and a good place to go back to when you need to remember when things happened ??

     It is also somewhere you can look back on when time’s are hard and you will be able to say I survived that and NOW I can do anything.


                                         This is something that I WISH THAT I had been told before My Fizzly passed ……… I wish I had more memories not that I will ever forget My Fizzle’s but I wish I had taken more films picture’s …….. I wish I had more things that showed how my Fizz was ?? I think this is one of the reason’s I started this so I could keep my memories and use them to help others.


                           Go shopping and get some easy meals or ready meals, stock up your freezer. Because if you are anything like me you will not want to leave your pet for a long time after they come home !!!

Make sure you have your Pet’s Favourite Food and Various ones as when we are feeling sorry for ourselves we all like to have something that make’s us feel better……. So spoil them.


       Make sure you have Cheese , Pate or soft Meat Paste ?? Something that you can easily squish a Pill into and your dog would actually want to eat it ………… you will have a lot of Tablets to give your dog and even the best behaved dog will get eventually fed up with you ramming a pill down their throat 3 times a day !!!


      The day of the operation is going to be a long and difficult one ……. Fizz’s Operation was over 6 hours long ! So this is a perfect time to get things ready for your Dog’s return home. Otherwise you will probably sit in a heap and cry most of the time that your waiting !!! Clock watching does not WORK, I tried it and it’s really amazing how long 15 minutes is ……………….. 

      So keeping busy and the time will go much faster, I promise and doing these thing’s on this most special day ?? Will make you feel like you are actually doing something to help …………. and the belief that what you are doing is going to benefit your beloved Pet will make you feel that you can do something and you are important. Your Dog already know’s how important you are , it’s you that thinks your lacking !!



   When your pet returns home they will be unable to turn around and may find getting comfortable a Big Problem, we used a old Duvet as it’s soft and comfy, but unlike a Blanket it will not be able to get tangled up around the dog. So when it’s time for your Dog to go Outside then it will be easy to get your dog up and moving without the risk of any of it’s other legs getting caught or slipping. 


        The Incision must be given time to heal and most dog’s are a NIGHTMARE with CHEWING OUT Stitches and Fizz was no exception. I have written the full explanation in my page Dealing with the Amputation Incision which you can find on the side column, this tells of how I got Fizz to stop chewing her Scar. In the end we used Bi~Carbonate of Soda This is the baking powder used for Biscuit’s ?? 

      I know sound’s very Strange but read the Page and it will become Clear. IT WORKS 




       The first thing I did was to find something soft to be used under her Tummy to hold her weight and make sure she didn’t fall onto the floor and damage her Incision. When I looked up what to use, they said Towel’s or Sheets. What we used was actually a COT BUMPER which is the padding that is used to stop Babies hitting their heads when asleep in their Cot.

           The reason why I thought this would work was that it was padded so it wouldn’t hurt her tummy and it was long enough that you could stand up and walk easily along side her. So it was easy for one person to lead her and another to hold her weight in case she fell.

         In Fact it worked out really well and it’s something that I would definitely recommend someone would use a COT BUMPER if their Dog was going to have an amputation. 




        The other thing we did was to actually carpet every place where Fizz would be walking on ?? This also included the OUTSIDE as well, so we used old carpet on our wood deck that is outside our home. So Fizz could go to the toilet outside without the risk of Slipping and Falling.



        We also fenced off area’s in the garden, so Fizz would not try to go by our pond, and down narrow area’s where she would find it difficult to turn around, and we fenced off the steps going up to the top Garden. 


1. COPE :- 

                   The first thing I want to tell you is the removal of the leg is shocking for anyone and feeling SHOCK or REVULSION is not anything new nor is it something you should feel bad about feeling it.

        The Incision Scar is something that can firstly scare you. and the shock of seeing your dog with their MINUS leg is something that is hard to look at let alone adjust to. I was talking to my family this morning running through this Post as I normally do when I write something new.

Poor thing’s they are my usual Guinea Pig’s )

       I asked them how they felt when they saw Fizz for the 1st time after her removal ??  ( I have a medical background so I knew what to expect, but even I was un~nerved by the lack of leg ) 

     So I asked them and they said that the IMAGE that was running through their head’s imagination was much worse than what they actually saw the first time after her leg was removed. This actually surprised me as I felt that they would have been horrified by it ?? 

But it shows that the thought of something is always much worse than the real life living it or viewing it option’s 

      This in itself is helpful because I thought that my family were shocked by her removal but in fact they felt that it would be a whole lot more awful than it was when they actually saw her for the first time !!


       The Incision must be given time to heal and most dog’s are a NIGHTMARE with CHEWING OUT Stitches and Fizz was no exception. I have written the full explanation in my page Dealing with the Amputation Incision which you can find on the side column, this tells of how I got Fizz to stop chewing her Scar. 

In the end we used Bi~Carbonate of Soda This is the baking powder used for Biscuit’s ?? 

I know sound’s very Strange but read the Page and it will become Clear. 

                            IT WORKS !!  


                                              Make sure that you always use something to support your dog until you know definitely that they are not going to fall over and Damage the Incision and always make sure that the Incision is kept clean, and if your dog does fall then let them help you when they feel they are ready to move again they will let you know !!

Don’t Beat yourself up if your pet does fall, because if we never fell ……….. how would we learn to pick ourselves up !!


     Another thing is using a lead for a few day’s…. this may seem obvious to some,  but making sure you can either control where your Dog Goes but also so you are next to your Pet, so if they slip and you haven’t got the Towel / Cot Bumper Support then you can use your own leg as a balance if your dog does slip.


FINALLY :-   Your Dog will amaze you daily and please don’t miss out on the bonding and love that your pet shows you and that you show them. This TIME will fly past so enjoy every moment you spend with your pet and just take time to just BE ! 



         We were lucky that Fizz was amazing after she had the amputation, and to be honest I think that most dog’s will be amazing no matter what breed or size etc. Mainly because all animals do not have the hang up’s !!! 

That we as humans have……… they don’t care what they look like and more importantly they 



So my main tip for you is DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR DOG !!

 Love your pet and as always they will give it back to you 10X over, so make memories as we are all here for such a short time. Sadly some of us are here for Less than they should be. Enjoy the little thing’s and Love the Pet Thing’s and Take Time to Cuddle, Sit and talk to your pet as their time is short and it’s too special to Miss a Second …….. So Take Picture’s Film’s and live for your moment’s because believe me when I say ………

                              YOUR PET IS LIVING FOR YOU !!

  I have a list for you covering everything I have talked about above, so copy the list and Tick off thing’s when you complete them !! See I’ve found another way for you to waste your time  🙂


Find something to help support your dog after the operation,

Sort out a Soft and comfortable bed with easy access,

Cover any Slippery Floor or Outside Places that may be dangerous,

Try to relax and rest before the Surgery and while your dog is staying with your vet’s

Start a Diary for Feeling’s or Vet’s Advice or Medication,

Get Some of your Pet’s Favourite Food in case they don’t feel like eating ??

Sort out what way’s you are going to prevent your pet from chewing out it’s stitches ??

Prepare some easy meals before hand,

Get Some Cheese, Pate or Soft Sticky Meat Paste so you can easily give your Dog it’s Medication !!

Try to rest up and get some sleep,

Spend time with your pet and just enjoy,

Take picture’s and films ( A Lot )

Treat your pet the same,


My Blogging Experience …….. So Far !!!

         For those of you who know me, You will be totally surprised, by my even starting a Blog, as I’m known by my friends to hate everything computer’s.  I’m also not normally known for my keeping in contact, with people and I’m normally a nightmare to get hold of ……. so spending time on a Computer. Especially with the fact that I have to keep in regular contact, on a form of Social Networking. Will completely astound everyone who I know !!

          But as I told you all on the beginning, when I started this Blogging Life I did it to help people, and if I’m honest, it was also a way of getting over my own loss of my Rottweiler named Fizz. 

The big question is ? 

In these few weeks into this Blogging Business is ….. have I helped anyone or have I overcome my loss ??

     Well the asking if I have helped anyone. is down to all of you who have come and read my stories. So my next question should be to all of you …… 

Have I helped any of you ?

Have you found my blog interesting ? 

Has this Blog been helpful in any way ?

What can I do differently to help you more ?

Would you like me to discuss something that’s worrying you ? 

Is there a topic that you would like me to discuss ?

      With regards to whether this Blogging has helped me to recover from the Loss of Fizz ? Well I would say that I don’t honestly think that I will ever get over her passing. But I have found talking and writing about Fizz, has sort of given me a purpose. Though I have found myself sometime’s crying as I write which I think worries my Family a bit …….. and I get a lot of Don’t do it if it Upset’s You or Don’t read about Cases if it’s going to make you cry  🙂  

      I know it upset’s me and I think her life story Parts are going to get harder the further I go into Fizzly’s Life, and her Battle with Cancer and Her Incredible courage, and then her Last Battle that she couldn’t win. When I get to these stages, I feel I will be spending quite a bit of time Crying,  especially when I get to her passing as I haven’t ever written about her Passing. I do find that I can hold it together, until I actually get to write it down and actually, see the words in whatever colour I picked for the Last Battle. 

     What has surprised me more is the differing opinion’s, depending on which Site I post my  Blog’s On. I can post exactly the same article and not mentioning any site’s by name 🙂 But the differing opinion’s for the very same article’s I find totally astounding, and some of them I find really upsetting. with the callous way they deem to reply to my post ?? Especially when I talk about Bone Cancer and the fact that I had chosen the path of Amputation and Chemotherapy.

     I realise that everyone has a different opinion and you can never please everyone, all of the time ( No Matter How Hard You May Try ) But one particular site seem’s to have people who will always judge, before getting the full story, or just claim that what I’d done is unethical, and cruel and how could I allow myself to be pushed into thing’s, without giving my dog any thought at all  🙁  

             Those of you who have read some of my post’s or those who actually know me, would laugh at such comments 🙂     But it still is upsetting and unfair especially when, there are other site’s that are amazing out there !


            Now these two Sites, I am going to name, as they have been absolutely wonderful and I’d recommend visiting any of these  following Sites  🙂 




            This Site is specifically made for Furry Friend’s with only 3 Legs, who have lost a limb to a variety of Diseases and others that have been Injured in Accident’s. The Site was started by a couple in America who had a Alsation named Jerry who had his leg removed like Fizzle’s due to bone Cancer. His family started Blogging and so the Site Tripawds was made and the rest as they say is History.        


              My only wish is that I had found this site, when my Fizzly was first ill and Still with me 😉  This is an incredible family of friendly and helpful people, who know how it feels to have a Pet with an Amputation 🙂 The wonderful reception that this site, gives people in need is a amazing thing to behold.

          If you love animal Stories of Courage and Survival then this place is a definite Place to visit, and you will be welcomed with open arms and lots of hugs 🙂  The people on this Site are definitely My Sort of People,  they don’t judge anyone, they listen and give advice without being over ~ Bearing or Sarcastic. It’s more than that,  though  they CARE I mean Really  CARE, they love their Dog’s in the True and Proper Way.


          They certainly don’t let a Small Problem of Cancer or Accident’s, Slow them down or allow the fact that their Pet only has 3 Legs  to hinder their Pet’s Life and Goal’s. Even when in Grief as a lot of these people are, as they have lost like me their Beloved Pet, to the diseases that their Pets were suffering from. But even then they have the capacity in their hearts, to help others, even when in their own Darkest Moments.

           These amazing people have the capacity, to put aside their own Grief or Suffering, to spend time offering support and help for others.  Who are in the beginnings of their own Battle with diseases, or accidental Injuries, that have led to their Pet either losing a limb, or some massive hurdle of life. But these new people will find Hundred’s of people willing to offer support, advice or just a friendly ear. It’s these people who have gone through these Dark Moment’s before, that will help others when they themselves are suffering.

          Now that I think is worthy and totally amazing and these people who have lost their own Best Friends. I want them to know now, how totally amazing I think they are, and how immensely proud their Dog Angels must be of their owners. Who will follow on their pet’s Story and help other’s in their Best Friends name. 

         I think this is the most wonderful gift, and I think anyone would find this Site to be a benefit, and a wonderful Place to be, my only suggestion is remember to bring the Tissue’s ?!? 

Use the Link Above to see ” Jerry Living It Large ”  and Putting two Paw’s up to Bone Cancer and Time Frames !!!


          This is another Site that I would highly recommend,




             This is a Place for like minded people, who have started Blog’s about Anything Animals, when I decided to start my Blogging experience I was a complete novice and as anyone who know’s me, will know !  

I’m a total Idiot when it comes to anything Technical !! ) 

       The whole idea for this Blog was to try and help people, but to help people you have to get People to see your Site ?!? 


        This is where BlogPaws came into my Life, it’s a site where you can add your Blog to and then, more people will be able to see and Visit your site.  Which for me I felt was a perfect place to start, I didn’t know what to expect from my time, on this new BlogPaws Site especially as my beginning of my Blogging world, had been slightly knocked by other site’s.

       I was very shocked by one site, that I’d added myself to as the whole Idea was be a place, for people to come to if they were going through hard times. I noticed that the Site was not printing any of my posts, or well wishes to other’s, going through tough time’s like Fizz and I.  So as I said they had not posted any of my answers to people ?? 

      So I emailed the main person as I thought I was probably not doing it correctly as I was a complete novice. I received a Curt Reply from the main man !! Who claimed that as I had put my Blog Address on some of my replies to people, so therefore My replies were not allowed to be published ?!? 

       His actual words were ” Why would I post your answers to people, with your Blog Address , Why would he want to send People to another BLOG  !!! 

        Firstly I was shocked and then bemused and then angry !! I have a variety of Link’s on My Blogs and I want to help people, So if I can help people and send them on to another Site then I am more than willing to do it. I just didn’t believe that this Large Company would feel threatened enough, to not allow anyone to Place their Blog Sites on his Site ???  

Personally I also couldn’t believe how someone, could feel threatened of my Teeny Tiny Blog ???

        So when I joined Blog Paws I was slightly scared of doing the wrong thing and being told off again  🙂 But I need not have worried this Site has greeted me with open arms, and more than that they have bent over backwards to support me. They are all so pleased to help and have allowed me to put 2 Blogs on their site which had not been tried before and I managed to do it 

On MY OWN !!! )

        See I’m getting better with the Technical ~ So Proud of Myself.

        If you ever decide to write or Start a Blog about animals, then this site is amazing and more than that they will help you with any problems or Questions that you may have. I have found the people on Blog Paws to be talented especially the Photo’s some of them are amazing. But it’s more than that these people have the same spirit that I love, they love their animals with a passion, and some are so passionate they dedicate their entire Blog to their Pets.

       But they also are welcoming and will get involved with your stories and will talk about them with everyone. They seem to be the most gracious hosts and show no sense of rivalry which is a big quest in the Cyber World . They are just Like ~ Minded people who love their Pets and show it through their Blogs and they all do it with Great Style and a Total Sense of FUN !!! 

      Could you ask for anything more !!!

                      So here I am a few weeks into my Blogging Experience and I must admit it’s A lot More Work than I thought it would be ! But to be honest it’s been a Great Time and I have Loved the whole experience and I hope some of you have enjoyed reading my Posts and Pages as much as I have writing them 🙂 

           All I have left to say is a  BIG  THANK YOU !! 

     To everyone that has helped me, 

     To those of you who have Taken the Time to read My Post’s and Pages,

     To TriPawds and all the amazing people, dogs and stories,

     To Blog Paws for all the help, and Letting me do my Thing !!! 

      To My Family who have put up with all the CONSTANT story telling and for putting up with the Tap Tap Typing, the Crying and the General Intrusion into our lives with My Mind Set being all  THING’S BLOG’S !!!

     My Biggest Thank you goes to MY FIZZLE’S for without her, I would never ever have been here, she is my Inspiration, and                          The Total Love of My Life ! 

 I never knew how Lost I’d be, without You in My Life, until you continued on your Amazing Journey.       



Amputation ~ Is it Right for Your Dog ???

You have been given the awful new’s that your best friend has got a disease that is going to change you and your pet’s world forever. It does not matter what anyone say’s to you, or how many article’s about Bone Cancer that you continue to glance through ……. in hope’s of a miracle cure or medical break through ?

      Firstly I know exactly what you are thinking , feeling , wondering or any other ” ing ” You can possibly think of ….. because I lived it and I have survived. My story and the whole reason behind this Blog is because of that 1st day. The unimaginable sense of total helplessness that I felt the moment I got told that My Fizzly, did not have Arthritis…… My Fizzly had Cancer.

      When my vet told me, I knew that PAIN was my first point of call, I know that we all love our pet’s and want them to be with us FOREVERBut it’s the Biggest Job we have when we decide to take an animal into our hearts,home’s and live’s. Dealing with the responsibilities of an ill pet is also the hardest, and it’s the JOB of making those hard decisions that make pet owner’s good one’s instead of a Bad One’s.


      The Biggest Decision of Amputation may be taken out of your hand’s and this is where your Vet’s Knowledge and the understanding in your own Pet come’s into Play ? As I wrote in my last Post the first thing your vet will do is to take an X~ray of your dogs Chest, as Bone Cancer is very aggressive and it then passes from the Limb to the Lung’s very quickly. If this is the case then the reality is that Pain Relief will be suggested from your vet and to just take time to love your pet and spend as much time with them as you can.

      If like Fizz there is no sign of Cancer in her Lung’s then we go back to Amputation or NOT ?  The thought of Amputation is such a Devastating Image that it leave’s everyone cold. The idea that a person would have to make the decision to remove a part of their beloved Pet, goes against every grain of what an owner thinks they should be. But in being a good Pet Owner it’s making these decisions even when it does make your heart go cold with just the thought.

This was My Fizzly 2 day’s after her Amputation !!

        Bone Cancer is one of the most painful Cancer’s and it’s this debilitating Pain which causes most dogs to be put to sleep. Amputation will get rid of the Pain being felt by your dog INSTANTLY , well after the healing of the removal , but that is something that last a few day’s ~ while Bone Cancer has been a source of Constant Pain, since your dog first developed the Cancer. 

      The first thing to think of is will your dog be able to actually cope with the Amputation ??  So Size, Weight, Age and in my case with a Rottweiler the main thing to think about is  TEMPERAMENT.  Will your dog handle the hand’s on and dealing with the Incision and after care ?  If you have doubt’s then talk to your vet and see whether they feel that your dog is Suitable.

     I will now talk about how Fizz and I coped with her Amputation, and hopefully you will get some insights into whether your dog’s case is similar or not and please feel free to talk to me on here or privately via my                   email    and I will try to help in any way I can.

    As I have said before we thought that Fizz had Arthritis,  and My vet and I were totally shocked when we saw the X~rays especially as the Mass was so Big and Fizz as usual shown  NO  HINT  OF  PAIN . But as Cesar Millan says Pit Bulls and Rottweiler’s are built for Pain ???  My Fizz took this to a new unbelievable level !!  Once we got over the shock of the X~ray and Fizz’s lack of admittance of Pain ( Numpty ) The first word’s out of my mouth were          ” Ok, when do we Take It OFF ?? ” 

    I knew that the removal of the leg would stop her  PAIN  and once you get your head around that, then the hardest thing is actually Saying it out Loud ? I promise you it get’s easier the more time’s you say it ……. and once it’s easier its time to decide. Now with Fizz for those who have read her Story Part’s you will know that she was an incredible dog. So I already knew that with her temperament,  I knew she would handle the operation and after care with ease.

      The next question was would she be able to handle the Amputation physically ??  Fizz was a Rottweiler so her size played a part, especially as she was an enormous Rottweiler !!  As I have said in Fizz’s Story she had already had a problem with that leg,  so I knew that she had coped on 3 leg’s before. With this fact I knew that Fizz would physically with an Amputation, as she hadn’t properly used that leg for years.

      If Fizz had got cancer in one of her front leg’s then I honestly think, that she wouldn’t have been able to cope. Mainly because all her weight ” as she was a Rottweiler ” was found in her Chest, as she was a very heavy and big chested Rottweiler. So I think that honestly I would have had to have just used Pain Relief and in my Vet’s word’s she would have lived for approximately 4 weeks.       Considering she was just 6 years old it was a possibility that I was not prepared to contemplate, and one that I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

         Once I had decided that it was Best for Fizz to have her leg removed, my mind was still completely numb. I knew what the books say about to deal with amputations and ways to deal with it ??  When it is your dog and your life it still doesn’t seem real, and I know I was walking around in this smog.

        Then the night before Fizz was having her back leg removed, I sat on her bed next to her and I started crying, she came over to me as started licking my tear’s……… she then looked right in my eye’s. She looked at me and in her eye’s, I knew that she needed me to be strong, so that’s when my Smog lifted and I knew that she would be fighting this and I had to too ! 

         The day she went into surgery was a day I went into action, I knew she would need special care when she came home, and we had to provide things around the place to make her transition easier. I have put a page on the side telling you some Tip’s to help Deal with an Amputation  I hope this will cover some of your question’s and make the thought of dealing with the Amputation a little less SCARY !! 

     But Some of the Tip’s I have put on that page are simple thing’s that we did or used when Fizz had her leg removed.        

   Find something to help support your dog after the operation,

   Sort out a Soft and comfortable bed with easy access,

   Cover any Slippery Floor or Outside Places that may be dangerous,

   Try to relax and rest before the Surgery and while your dog is 

   staying with your vet’s

   Start a Diary for Feeling’s or Vet’s Advice or Medication,

   Get Some of your Pet’s Favourite Food in case they don’t feel like 

   eating ??

   Sort out what way’s you are going to prevent your pet from chewing 

   out it’s stitches ??

   Prepare some easy meals before hand,

   Get Some Cheese, Pate or Soft Sticky Meat Paste so you can easily 

   give your Dog it’s Medication !!

   Try to rest up and get some sleep,

    Spend time with your pet and just enjoy,

    Take picture’s and films ( A Lot )

    Treat your pet the same,


       As I said above I have gone into a lot detail, on the Tip’s to help Deal with an Amputation Page on the side Column so Please have a look, and if you have any other Tip’s or things that you have heard or done yourself then please leave me a message and I will add them to the page as well.

      The most important thing I have to say is  PLEASE  DON’T  treat your pet any different, as this will effect your dog way more, than the Cancer Would ever change them.We were lucky that Fizz was amazing after she had the amputation, and to be honest I think that most dog’s will be amazing, no matter what breed or size etc. Mainly because all animals do not have the hang up’s !!!  That we as humans have……… they don’t care what they look like and more importantly they  DON’T  FEEL  SORRY  FOR  THEMSELVES !!


  So my main tip for you is  DON’T  FEEL  SORRY  FOR YOUR  DOG  !!

      Enjoy your time with your pet before and after the operation take Picture’s , Film’s write a Diary as it will make the whole thing easier, if you know when you last went to the vet’s,  what did they say ??  and how many pill’s do I give them etc  ?? 

      But it’s more than that its memories, and memories will make you stronger, and in time it’s these precious Memories, that will in turn make you heal …………



Fizzly with some Puglet’s


Osteosarcoma ~ Bone Cancer ??

            I know that this Blog is supposed to be a place, where people can come to talk or get help or advice from other people about Bone Cancer. I also wanted this Blog to be where you can find out tip’s for coping, or just have somewhere to just rant and scream without Judgement or Complicated Scientific Information.

           But I have decided that for everyone of you who has not gone through this awful illness, that I would try to explain the basic’s to you . So that you would have an idea of what Bone Cancer is and how it show’s itself  in Dog’s etc.

          For those who don’t know, I was a Microbiologist and worked in a hospital, before I became a mother or an owner of a Seriously Gorgeous Rottweiler named Fizz, So when Fizz was diagnosed I did have a inkling into what Bone Cancer entails well ~ with people anyway ?? So I was in an advantage or maybe a disadvantage when it came to knowing what this prognosis would mean for My Fizzly !

     As I have said before, when I first heard that Fizz had an Osteosarcoma or Bone Cancer I went onto my computer and started looking for everything and anything about Dog’s and Bone Cancer and even with a Scientific background I still found it totally daunting ……..

           Osteosarcoma is the scientific name for Bone Cancer which starts mainly in the Long Bones so in Dog’s the legs are the normal starting place. It seems that Pedigree Dog’s are more likely to get Cancer of any type ?  But bigger Dog Breeds seem to get Bone Cancer a lot more than smaller ones ……..

           Bone Cancer is started when the Cells in the middle of the Bones called Osteoblasts these are basically the immature cells that are the building blocks for the mature bone. When a dog has bone cancer these cells begin make more than is needed and they do this very aggressively and very quickly. So your dog will begin to show symptoms suddenly, in Fizz’s case her back leg started limping, in the beginning it looks like arthritis and nothing else.

Fizz and Ruby when my Fizzly was younger.

           So it is not normally found until it’s very obvious and after an X~ray has been done  ……….. by this time your dog is very ill and in a lot of pain ?? Bone Cancer is one of the most aggressive form’s of Cancer that a Dog can get. Not only does it get larger very quickly it makes the bone grow out of shape, which means it’s one of the most painful Cancers. But not only that, but it is a Cancer that METASTASISE’S quickly, this mean’s that it is a Cancer that moves to other parts of the body VERY QUICKLY.

          Dog’s with Bone Cancer of the long bones, the Cancer normally passes to the CHEST or LUNGS very quickly, so dogs that are treated for Bone Cancer get treated for Lung Cancer straight away……. as it’s assumed by the time you know that your dog has Bone Cancer it will have PROBABLY already started to infect the dogs LUNGS. 

                      This is because 90% of all dogs who have Bone Cancer that Cancer has spread quickly to the Lung’s. So Dogs suffering from Bone Cancer, the first thing done is an Chest X~ray to find out if it has spread to the lungs already ??       If it has then normally Pain relief is given and no other treatment is offered.

          But if the Chest X~rays are clear or look Clear ? 


          Then the AMPUTATION of the Limb is recommended this is because of the Pain that is felt from this Aggressive Cancer is so severe that without it, your dog would be in so much pain it would be unfair to keep him / her with us. Once they have recovered from the Amputation they are treated with Chemotherapy. This will slow down the spreading of  the Cancer to the LUNGS. It will not stop the Cancer Spreading but it will slow it down.

        In Fizz’s case her femur in her Back leg had only about 1 to 2 Inches left of NORMAL BONE  left top and bottom of the entire bone. The rest of the bone had grown out to the size of a large GRAPEFRUIT !! 

        This is why pain relief should be top of your list when it come’s to the dealing of Bone Cancer in your dog. I will be dealing with the choice of Amputation in my next posting, but I wanted to explain to people who haven’t dealt with this nightmare situation of  Bone Cancer. Which I would not wish this on my worst enemy as it’s one of the cruellest diseases that can be found. Mainly because you can have a perfectly all right and healthy dog one minute. Then after one X~ray you can be told, that if I did nothing ……  My Fizzly would have been dead in 4 weeks time.


Fizz had an x~ray on the 24th September and her leg was removed on 13th October with a Biopsy in between.

          Some Breeds seem to get it more than others, I have a Link to a Bone Cancer Veterinary Paper that I will put under this paragraph. It Claims that Rottweiler’s have a 1 in 8 chance in getting Bone Cancer ?? Though I don’t know the actual  % rates, but it seem’s that most Bone Cancer Pages seem to have their major share of Rottweiler’s with this horrible disease.


           It also says that Great Danes and many other Breeds have the likelihood that they may develop Bone Cancer. But I myself have had some of these other Breeds and they lived perfectly long and healthy lives. So as normal it’s a case of the Luck in the Draw and There for the Grace of God go I …….. and any other platitudes that you can think of ??

            The Link to the VCA Animal Hospital Paper on Bone Cancer  

     The Link above is a good one and is well worth a look as it explains the Scientific process of Bone Cancer, and it does it in simple language which is easiest for everyone !!

     My Vet was crying when she phoned me to tell me that Fizz had Bone Cancer, and if I had done nothing she would have been dead in 4 weeks ……….. at 6 years old I felt this was not an option ???

     Her Chest X~ray was CLEAR so we decided to Amputate the leg and try Chemotherapy. I was told that with Chemo she would live for about 6 Months ……………. My Fizzly lived for over a year !!

     Not long enough for me but passed all Vet’s predictions, Fizz past when she was ready and not before. 

But the time she was alive SHE LIVED her life with Zest, Bravery and more than anything LOVE ……….. It’s this love that kept her with me longer and my Love in turn kept her with me ………. and this is all a dog can do for you and all that your dog needs from you ……………. LOVE.

The Love of MY LIFE …. Miss Fizzles.


Your Dog has Cancer……. What Now ???

 You have known that there is something wrong with your pet………. you’ve done the tests……… your vet has given you the possibilities ……………….. you’ve had the X-rays……………. you have now had the results and no matter how many times you have thought about it …….. talked about it ………….. tried to forget about it …………….. hidden from the chance of it……….. you realise that it’s not a bad dream your 

    Best friend does indeed have CANCER ………….. WHAT……….. NOW ????

        I know exactly how you are feeling, I have been right where you are ?? and  I know how much it hurt’s and how much you wish it was different, but I’m sorry my lovely but it’s not going to just vanish because you want, wish or NEED it to. It’s here and your Best Friend needs you and they need you to be there for them now??  no matter how hard this is you have to start by putting your feelings to one side. 

        This is very easy to say and I know how very hard it is to do ……  If you need someone to scream at then scream go into a field and let loose !! 

       But when you come back in it’s time to deal, the main thing you have to remember is that Dog’s don’t know what Cancer is and they don’t care that they have got it ??? Human’s are the only species that feel’s sorry for itself and we claim to be the most intelligent !!!

       Your friend does not realise what is happening to them …….. they will definitely notice if you are in a complete emotional wreck and that is the only thing that will be worrying them. So please I know it’s hard but try to not change how you behave around your pet because that will upset them.

    Animals don’t have the issue’s that we have, they just deal and they do it well !!

       So my main point in this posting is FAKE IT !! When you are with your pet then fake it ! what I mean with this is when you are on your own you can cry your heart out, break down come on this Blog and vent and rant.  This is what I made this Blog for ………… So you would have a place to come when you are in your darkest time’s and come here and just know that I and all the other’s that visit this Blog are here for you.

     But when you are around your pet then try to act normal , and your pet will be normal. They don’t care that they are ill, they won’t feel sorry for themselves if they have an amputation, animals accept things they don’t worry about looks or lil thing’s like loosing a leg ??? But they do care and they do worry if their most important person in their life is treating them differently or breaking down every time they come near you or you walk past them.

     When Fizz was diagnosed I completely broke down, she was my baby and I adored her, but she showed me over the time from the date she was diagnosed to the date she went to heaven. How truly amazing an animal can be and it’s something that is completely amazing and spiritual thing to be around and as much as her passing Killed me I feel honoured that I was around such an amazing creature and that creature adored me totally ……. and over time I have realised that she has taught me more in her short 6 years than I had learned in my 40 ………….. and we say that we are the most intelligent thing on our planet 

    We know NOTHING ???  and I know that you will realise this over time. Anyone who has an animal who is seriously ill, will learn that Your Pet will teach you more than you have ever taught them.  With their acceptance of their illness, their spirit and love for life, and the total love of others including You. 

    You will learn more than you ever knew before and that I promise you that this will be the everlasting Gift that your Best Friend will give you……  and this will be, you realising that what I’m telling you is true. It may take month’s before you realise but it is something that shows that even when our Pet’s have past they still fill our live’s completely. 

    And that is the biggest gift of LOVE that your pet will ever give you.

The Bond of LOVE Forever.


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